windows on provence: musings on the food, wine, and culture of the south of france

By Georgeanne Brennan

Famous for its radiant light, vibrant colors, beautiful architecture, flavorful foods, and opulent wines, Provence is one of the most visited destinations of the world. To turn the pages of Windows on Provence: Musings on the Food, Wine, and Culture of the South of France is to be immersed in the magical region.  With each photograph and chapter, the reader is transported to the beaches of Nice under a white umbrella, to the twisting streets of Aix-en-Provence, to the 2,000-year-old ruins of Cimiez, and beyond.

Georgeanne Brennan evocatively renders an insider’s knowledge of Provence’s villages and their ancient customs and traditions. Through rich essays, each examining a unique facet of Provençal culture, she shares her view of the southern region of the country. Brennan’s engaging text, together with alluring photographs, takes the reader on an unforgettable tour, from the sun-drenched Côte d’Azur to the craggy mountains of Haute Provence; to lavender, poppy and wheat fields; through markets full of richly-hued fabrics, antiques and seasonal specialties; to harbors filled with fishermen selling the morning’s catch; over hills covered in vines; and into centuries-old buildings and castle ruins, all brought to life through the author’s eyes.

Included in the bounty are four distinct Provençal recipes as well as indispensable driving tips to help drivers find their way without stress.

Windows on Provence is a book for travelers, for dreamers, for Francophiles, for lovers of Provençal craft and cuisine, and for anyone who wants to be a part of something beautiful and special.

Hardcover, 256 pages
7.2 inches by 9 inches

Praise for MY CULINARY JOURNEY: Foods and Fêtes of Provence

“Under Georgeanne’s influence, I am inspired to break out of my computer-to-bed-and-back-again routine and go out and forage wild greens, make a cassoulet, soak stale bread in milk or snip herbs from my own potager.”
—Steve Sando, Edible Marin and Wine Country

“Brennan shares recipes for all manner of Provençal edibles, giving instructions on homey shepherd’s pie as well as the grandest of all Provençal seafood creations, bouillabaisse. . . . This is a lovely choice for most food collections.”

“My Culinary Journey is an armchair gourmand’s delight, and the next best thing to experiencing Provence’s gustatory specialties in person.”
—Midwest Book Review

“[Georgeanne Brennan] takes readers on an intimate journey to Provence—the place of her early culinary inspiration—where she writes in lush detail about the food, people, and French festivals she celebrated during her lifelong journeys through the region.”
—Pierce Carson, Napa Valley Register

“This memoir weaves together personal stories of friendship, cooking and living in the Provençal way, and will whet the appetite of food lovers, travelers and anyone who dreams of packing their bags and starting a new life.”
—John Fisher, Living Better Online