Local Eats London

By Natasha McGuinness
Illustrations by Danielle Kroll

Local Eats London is a charming guide to the traditional British fare found in the markets, pubs, tea shops and cafes of the city. Informative text defines each food item, so those wondering what exactly spotted dick or eton mess is need not stay in the culinary dark. From breakfast to late night snacks and every meal in between, this beautifully illustrated guide is all food-loving travelers need.

Chapters include Morning food, Savory Food, Pub Food, Small Plates, Picnic Food, Afternoon Tea, World Food, Desserts and traditional Midnight Snacks to help travelers navigate the what’s what of the casual London food scene. Each featured dish is illustrated with charming water colors to help hungry travelers decide what nibbles to choose.

The small format makes this mini tome the perfect guidebook to tuck into purse or backpack.

Hardcover, 112 pages
5 by 7 inches