Farmsteads of the California Coast

By Sarah Henry
Photographs by Erin Scott

Farmsteads of the California Coast introduces readers to a dozen diverse growers and their dynamic agricultural ventures in some of the most scenic farm locations in the country.

From row crop farmers and shellfish harvesters to water buffalo ranchers and coffee growers, this visually-rich book celebrates the best of farmstead bounty, including ‘beyond organic’ greens, briny oysters, creamy goat cheese, crisp heirloom apples, luscious buffalo gelato and juicy u-pick strawberries.

Award-winning food writer Sarah Henry profiles these innovative farmsteads, their sustainable practices and flavorful products, and the unique individuals behind their thriving success.

Acclaimed cookbook photographer Erin Scott captures each farmstead’s essential nature in lush photo spreads that document the inherent beauty in daily farm routines and celebrates farmstead people and their products.

Inviting readers to experience the harvest firsthand, the book also features twenty-four recipes inspired by farm-grown ingredients.

Hardcover, 136 pages
7 ¼ x 9 ½ inches

What’s being said about Farmsteads of the California Coast

“[A] love letter to California farmers…great recipes, stories and pictures.”
— Anne Lappé

“A gorgeous treat of a book, Farmsteads of the California Coast introduces us to the sometimes wacky but always innovative farmers of the Left Coast. Impeccably researched and beautifully photographed, this book will make you want to milk a water buffalo or barbecue some oysters.”
— Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City and Gone Feral

“We love Sarah Henry’s new book about farmers and makers of California’s central coast.”
Cherry Bombe Magazine

“Sarah Henry is on the most ardent observers of the California food scene…her enthusiasm extends to the farming community, such a key part of the state’s identity — for some as much as Hollywood or Silicon Valley.”
Cherry Bombe Magazine

“Dig in.”

“Entice[s] readers to take their own field trips to get to know the farmers and their food.”

“…[California] is also home to some of the most innovative farms in the country, where growers are breaking new ground on environmental sustainability, social justice, animal welfare, crop and product diversity, and deliciousness.”

“This is far more than a coffee-table book, and Henry and Scott have created a noble, 12-part tale that honors community, sharing, hard-working people, and the beauty of the land that feeds us.”
East Bay Monthly

“…it’[s] difficult not to imagine the sweet scent of just-picked produce or the warmth of the sun rising from the book’s pages.”
East Bay Monthly

“Award-winning journalist Sarah Henry…profiles a dozen farms and growers, highlighting their innovative, sustainable agricultural projects up and down the California coast.”
Edible East Bay Magazine

“As a longtime journalist, Henry knows how to tell a story…this is an aspirational book…”
—KQED, Bay Area Bites

“…Scott’s photographs make life on a small farm blissfully, deliciously idyllic…”
—KQED, Bay Area Bites

“…Farmsteads is a prettily dirt-stained reminder of the undeniable beauty of our slice of the north-central California coast, and a tribute to the dedication of those who make it grow.”
—KQED, Bay Area Bites

“There is much to discover in this compact and beautifully photographed book.” Magazine

“Terrific book on some of my favorite farms.”
—Michael Pollan

“With Farmsteads of the California Coast, author Sarah Henry and photographers Erin Scott have done what may at first blush seem impossible: captured the bounty, beauty, personality, and richness of many of the Golden State’s best-loved sustainable farms, orchards, wineries, and dairies. Henry’s crisp narrative and fluid storytelling detail the inner workings of these small agricultural gems and introduce us to the hardworking families who run them, without sugarcoating the inherent challenges this tough outdoor work entails. Scott turns her lens to the farmers, landscapes, crops, and edibles to glorious, breathtaking effect. This book will make you hungry, respectful, and eager to visit these stunning farmsteads.”
—Cheryl Sternman Rule, author of Yogurt Culture and Ripe

“…introduces readers to a dozen diverse growers and their dynamic agriculture ventures in some of the most scenic farm locations in the country.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“From row crop farmers and shellfish harvesters to water buffalo ranchers and coffee growers, this visually-rich book celebrates the best of farmstead bounty…”
San Francisco Chronicle

“…Sarah Henry spotlights the state’s innovative farmers, with profiles, recipes and photography by Erin Scott.”
San Francisco Chronicle

Farmsteads is a luscious feast, waiting to be devoured for its inspiring stories of the power of the land and sumptuous images evoking California’s remarkable contribution to sustainable agriculture. Longtime observer of the food movement Sarah Henry and photographer Erin Scott highlight the real heroes of California cuisine: the farmers and artisan producers who are pioneers in the field, stewards of the land, and masters of flavor. The book is a tribute to the power of food to create community, sustain and nourish us deeply, and build just, fair, and vibrant local economies.”
—Naomi Starkman, founder/editor in chief, Civil Eats

“In Farmsteads of the California Coast, writer Sarah Henry and photographer Erin Scott offer readers an intimate look into the heart and soul of what makes this part of the country so uniquely enchanting. Just outside of international powerhouse urban centers, they find extraordinary people consciously and reverently tending the land and sea in order to bring forth unparalleled abundance. Reading their stories and seeing the gorgeous images of them at work is both balm to the spirit and reason for optimism. Henry and Scott have joined their efforts and considerable talents to pay tribute to subjects they both care deeply about, and it shows on every page.”
—Gibson Thomas, publisher/editor in chief, Edible Marin & Wine Country

“Sarah Henry writes so passionately about my favorite farmers! Paired with Erin Scott’s beautiful photography, this book is a true celebration of meaningful work and beauty — the values that are at the heart of these farmsteads are the values we must all learn.”
—Alice Waters