Dictionary of Extraordinary Ordinary Animals

By Lisa McGuiness and Leslie Jonath
Illustrations by Lisa Congdon

Publisher’s Weekly
“(this) informative guidebook combines casual descriptions of the animals with grainy illustrations reminiscent of vintage flashcards…Congdon’s paintings are characterized by naturalistic details and touches of surprising whimsy—an owl’s feathers are embellished in gold, purples, and reds—communicating a palpable sense of wonder in the bountiful diversity of animals.”

Globe and Mail
“this big, handsome book with its attractive layout and a rich colour palette really does deliver the goods. From Aardvark to Zigzag Salamander, from Krill to Quahog, each and all are a feast for the eye and a sop to the curious of mind”

All animals are extraordinary, even the most ordinary! From the way they sleep or sing or dance, every animal has something about it that makes it uniquely fascinating and fun to learn about. Chock full of fun facts on the wild, the wooly, the creepy, the crawly, and the sea worthy, this book includes profiles of some of our favorite animals from A to Z. Beautifully illustrated in detailed watercolors by artist Lisa Congdon.

Hardcover, 128 pages
ISBN: 0762440635
Dimensions: 1.1 x 8.9 inches
Ages: 4 +
Available through Running Press, Amazon.com or your local bookstore.