Catarina’s Ring

By Lisa McGuinness

Engaging characters, delectable food, gorgeous Italian landscapes and simmering love make for a delicious novel that will leave you hungry for more.

Determined and strong, Catarina Pensebene becomes a mail-order bride and leaves Italy in 1914 in order to escape an untenable situation. Witty and self-deprecating, her granddaughter, Juliette Brice, lives in California in the present day and is struggling to fulfill her dream of opening her own cafe. Italian cooking school appears to make that dream possible—but falling in love with her instructor makes homework a second priority. Both women trip over love, longing and delicious Italian delicacies along the way.

Paperback, 365 pages
8 by 5 ½ inches

Praise for Catarina’s Ring

Midwest Book Review called Catarina’s Ring, “A deftly constructed novel, Catarina’s Ring is an extraordinary and original novel that will hold the reader’s thoroughly absorbed attention from beginning to end. Solidly entertaining from first page to last, Catarina’s Ring is highly recommended.”

Gentry Magazine said the “Engaging characters, delectable food, gorgeous Italian landscapes, and simmering love make for a delicious novel by Bay Area author, Lisa McGuinness that will leave your hungry for more.”

The Reviewer “…the food descriptions made my mouth water, and the stories were great.”