seven inspiring bookstagrams to follow in 2018

Oh, the bookish side of Instagram: where the bookworms become the cool kids. Check out these gorgeous Instagram accounts for photo envy and book suggestions all year round.

Cat Book Club

Cats. Books. What more could you need? These felines love sleeping in, on, or next to their owners’ current reads. With models this cute, getting us to scroll through these bookish pictures will be much easier than herding cats.

Powell’s Books

We love getting updates from Portland’s City of Books. Come for dreamy photos of Powell’s long rows of books, stay for bookseller recommendations and even real-life love stories from between the shelves.

Book Sugar

Book Sugar is an essential bookstagram follow. The clean white backgrounds and gorgeous color combination will give you Instagram envy for days—and set you up with a #tbr (that’s To Be Read) list a mile long.

Snow by Shelley Jackson

Not technically a bookstagram, but rather a story—an extremely slow story. Each time it snows at author Shelley Jackson’s New York home, she takes the opportunity to carve out a single word of her story in the snow, photograph it, and update her Instagram. Scroll back to read this story in reverse order, but remember that, come spring, you might be stuck on a cliffhanger until the next snowfall rolls around.

Folded Pages Distillery

The opposite of Book Sugar, Folded Pages Distillery features shots that are packed to the brim with accessories and details, but they’re so meticulously composed as to never overwhelm the books. You could play I, Spy in these stunning setups, finding magnifying glasses, costume jewelry, vintage stationary…and your new favorite read.

Last Night’s Reading

Wish you could go to book signings and readings every night? Then you’ll love living vicariously through Kate Gavino’s bright sketches of authors with quotes from their literary events in New York and Paris.

Ice Cream Books

Remind yourself that summer is coming back in the sunny photos of Ice Cream Books. Of course, if you like to keep your books spick-and-span, these intentionally messy photos of ice cream scoops layered onto book jackets and popsicles squished between pages might just make you scream.

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