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Check out what people are saying about Kitchen Yoga:

“Kitchen Yoga presents accessible practices that bring yoga to life in a powerful and practical way. Melanie masterfully integrates years of experience teaching yoga into simple practices that cannot help but improve the reader’s physical, mental and emotional health. As a proponent of using yoga to treat and prevent mental health challenges like anxiety, depression and trauma, I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for guidance as they develop a home practice of sustainable, life-giving yoga.” —Lisa Danylchuk, Psychologist EdM, Therapist MFT, Yoga Teacher E-RYT


“After 25 years in holistic medicine, this is one of the first books I can easily recommend to every patient. Short, easy to follow and very helpful with the stresses we all have! Melanie captures the essence of true self help here!”
Patricia Leat, Acupuncturist L.Ac. Doctor of Oriental Medicine DOM, Healer, Author and founder of Voyage Into Healing.


“I absolutely loved this book. It is a practical handbook for the stay-at-home yogi. You beautifully de-mystified the grandness/ abstractness of yoga for the reader and made everything feel accessible and doable. I was warmed by your friendly, loving tone that gently encourages the reader to make those first steps towards mindfulness — knowing that every little step can lead to a life of fulfillment. You make a daily yoga practice feel achievable—obtainable and downright easy.” —Christina Moore, Actress, Disney Mom, Practicing Yogi


“Melanie Salvatore-August has taken the depth and breadth of her teachings and extensive knowledge of yoga to offer simple, but highly effective yoga poses and techniques to nourish your mind, body, and life”

“Get your daily dose of nourishment with Kitchen Yoga—this book will transform your every day and put you in alignment with what matters to you the most.” —Jessica Boylston-Fagonde, Speaker and Teacher


“This book is a call to action. Kitchen Yoga is a self-care manifesto.

Kitchen Yoga feels like home; it feels like it was written to you, specifically, with love and tenderness from your mother, grandmother, sister, best friend, future self, daughter and wisest teacher.

Prepare yourself to learn in-depth, invaluable nuggets of yoga wisdom. Prepare yourself to be astonished that yoga can be practiced from rise till rest, and it is so much more than what one does on one’s mat. Prepare yourself to be radically shifted with the energetic vibration Melanie cultivates within these pages. Prepare yourself to fully devour every detailed instruction of asana, pranayama, meditation and joyfulness practice.” —Sara Courter, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Writer


Kitchen Yoga reminds us that when we find ourselves there, prepping food or stirring our tea, we have simple, sacred chances to re-arrange ourselves so we can breathe deeply, become present, and remember who we are.” ¬—Elena Brower, Author of Art of Attention


“A beautiful, comprehensive, and accessible book about the importance of yoga in the home…This book will help you develop your Sadhana, which is your connection to who you really are.” —Yogiraj Alan and Sarah Finger, Founders of ISHTA Yoga

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