power down: what to read instead of watching netflix in 2017

Is watching less TV at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions? Was it on the list last year, too? And the year before?

Quitting your binge-watching habit can be brutally hard, especially given how much terrific storytelling happens on the tube these days. But with study after study warning that screen time could increase your risk of diabetes or heart disease, give you sleep problems, or make your teenagers start smoking, you might want to set down that remote as if your life depended on it.

But not to fear: here are three fresh book recommendations based on your favorite Netflix watch from 2016 that’ll put you on track for a book-filled 2017. And if you’re set in your binge-watching ways, or you fall off the wagon before the end of January (hello, new Sherlock?), consider these TV-book pairings–we’re not here to judge you.

Loved The Crown? Try Local Eats London.

Oh, The Crown–less soapy cliffhangers and unexpected character deaths than Downton Abbey, but still packed with clipped accents and costumes to die for.

Bring your London daydreams into the 21st century with Local Eats London‘s bright, modern illustrations and mouthwatering descriptions of British foods. If you’ve also resolved to save up some money and travel this year, kill two birds with one stone and let this book remind you to skip Starbucks today and get high tea once you’ve saved enough dough for a trip across the pond.

Gaga for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? Pick up Catarina’s Ring.

There’s no shame in binging this Gilmore Girls revival: after nearly a decade of missing Rory and Lorelai’s small-town antics, we’d all waited long enough. But if you watched the final credits crusty-eyed and shocked (#lastfourwords) and decided that six hours of nonstop TV didn’t sit as well as your Thanksgiving dinner, maybe it’s time to pick up a book instead. Catarina’s Ring has romance, adventure, and young women following in the footsteps of their womanly predecessors (but, admittedly, no whaling museums). And it’ll look much nicer on your bedside table than that GG box set your mom got you for Christmas.

Loved Chef’s Table: France? Sample My Culinary Journey.

Did several of your 2016 dinners take place in front of an episode of this sumptuous French food erotica? Do you dream of making your own millefeuille but sometimes burn toast? My Culinary Journey tells American chef Georgeanne Brennan’s story as she moves to a French homestead with her family and figures out the Provençal cooking scene. Brennan tells of her own rookie mistakes and guides readers through delicious Provençal dinners to make at home–no culinary degree required.