more praise for my culinary journey

Colder weather has brought a flurry of early praise for Georgeanne Brennan’s newest memoir and cookbook My Culinary Journey: Food and Fêtes of Provence. Since its mid-November launch, My Culinary Journey has been featured in The Sacramento Bee, Edible Marin and Wine Country, and Capital Public Radio, to name a few. Here’s a collection of some of things people have said that got us blushing.

Anne M. Evans, author of The Davis Farmers Market Cookbook, called My Culinary Journey an “evocatively entwined memoire…rich in detail about the food, people and festivals of Provence, France,” for The Daily Democrat, and we couldn’t agree more.

And we were tickled pink when Cassie Kifer of the travel blog Ever in Transit included My Culinary Journey in her holiday gift guide for foodies and travelers [along with our other recent releases Local Eats London and Farmsteads of the California Coast, no less!].

Also recommending My Culinary Journey for your gift-giving needs was the Napa Valley Register, which included Georgeanne’s cookbook in their list of “cookbooks ideal for holiday gift-giving.”  We think columnist L. Pierce Carson hit the nail on the head, writing,

“In Brennan’s new book, readers will find rich descriptions of warm summer meals, learning to make goat cheese, discovering regional festivals (or fetes) and more. This evocative and passionate memoir weaves together personal stories of friendship, cooking and living in the Provencal tradition, and will whet the appetite of foodies, travelers and anyone who dreams of packing their bags and taking a delicious romp through the lavender fields and vine-covered hills of Provence.”

We’ll be right back once we finish our delicious romp.

However, the most touching report on My Culinary Journey comes from Steve Sando (founder of heirloom specialty food company Rancho Gordo) in his self-described “love letter” to Georgeanne for Edible Marin and Wine Country. In “Books for Cooks: Steve Sando on Georgeanne Brennan,” Sando describes Georgeanne’s immeasurable effect on heirloom produce and sustainable eating in California, led in part by her game-changing seed catalogue and her work bringing French food varieties to the States: “There’s little doubt that the lacinato kale or the chiogga beets I purchased at the farmers’ market that foggy Saturday morning long ago were there in part because of Georgeanne Brennan.

Sando goes on to describe Georgeanne’s skill in making sophisticated farming and cooking techniques seem approachable:

For me, Georgeanne’s magic is her ability to write about something as exotic as truffle etiquette, or the tradition of herding sheep, and have it all makes perfect sense to those of us “off the farm.” Under Georgeanne’s influence, I am inspired to break out of my computer-to-bed-and-back-again routine and go out and forage wild greens, make a cassoulet, soak stale bread in milk or snip herbs from my own potager. 

This magic is in fine form in My Culinary Journey, which walks readers through Georgeanne’s trials and triumphs adjusting to rural French life, farming, feasting, and making cheese, and offers recipes to bring these Provençal tastes home.

But our favorite quote from Sando brings a more intimate lens to Georgeanne’s work, demonstrating the small improvements she’s brought to people’s lives through her wide-scale work in the world of gardening and cooking:

The heirloom seeds, the recipes, the books, the travels and the food Georgeanne has touched are all successes by anyone’s standards, but I would say that her real success is that she’s been able to affect people’s lives and make them better. For me, that’s her legend.

We at Yellow Pear Press are honored to be a part of that legend, and we can’t wait to see what new deliciousness Georgeanne has in store for us in the future. 

Happy eating!