happy pub day to local eats paris!

We’re thrilled to announce the publication of our newest book, Local Eats Paris! Following the lovely Local Eats LondonLocal Eats Paris introduces readers to the delectable foods of Paris through gorgeous illustrations and mouthwatering descriptions.

Written by gifted globetrotter Natasha McGuinness and illustrated by fabulously talented Anne M. BentleyLocal Eats Paris  brings the joys of Paris to any bookshelf or coffee table. And like its forerunner, Local Eats Paris is available through Anthropologie in addition to your favorite online book marketplaces and local bookstores.

Read on for a sneak peek of the book’s introduction and some of our favorite illustrations alongside some of our favorite illustrations, and pick up your own copy today!

from Local Eats Paris by Natasha McGuinness, illustrated by Anne M. Bentley:

A mecca of heavenly pastries, flawless dishes, and an abundance of wine and cheese, Paris reigns supreme on my list of top cities for dining. After countless hours of painstaking and rigorous research (kidding—wandering the streets of Paris eating things is one of life’s great joys), I have come up with the must-eats of the fabulous French capitol. However, each time I return to Paris, I discover new dishes to fall in love with, fresh local perspectives on cuisine, and slices of artisanal cheese that I would strongly consider shoving a little old lady over, just to get a whiff. Thus, soak up the mouth-watering information presented in this book, but remember—there are always treasures to be unearthed and new finds to be tasted and enjoyed during your time in Paris. It is also important to note that (gasp!) many of the following food items did not originate on the streets of Paris, but are included because they are true favorites of local diners and chefs alike, and have made their mark on Parisian palates.