goodreads loves the murderer’s maid

More like greatreads! The Murderer’s Maid has a whopping 4.14 out of 5 stars on goodreads, with 74 ratings and 27 reviews. Read on for a selection of just some of the criminally good reviews written for Erika Mailman’s thrilling book. 

The Murderer’s Maid was a pleasure to read and gave me more of an insight into the crime. Erika Mailman did extensive work in writing this novel and it showed. I love it when an author puts in Author’s Notes in the book, gives the reader a peek into the ways the book has been written.”
Kathleen Kelly

“If you love historical fiction or even just love Lizzie Borden, then you must read this!”
Erika Messer

“Cannot say enough about this book other than you need to read it for yourself.”
Linda Edmonds Cerullo

“Well written and gripping.”

“I read The Murderer’s Maid in a single rainy day, it’s that gripping and well paced.”

“I read the entire 400 pages in less than 24 hours because once I started this intriguing tale I could not stop!”
Anara Guard

“Slow down. Take the time to indulge in Mailman’s rich, thematic connections and the heartbreaking, subtle comparisons between the women in this book. What are the functions of mothers and maids in a family? How do these identities compete? How do they support and threaten each other? What does it mean to grow up without a mother? The two stories start asking these questions from the first lines and go on answering them and arguing back at each other over the answers to the very end. It’s beautifully executed.”
Kristy Billuni