foreword reviews previews windows on provence

Get a first take on Windows on Provence in this early review by Matt Sutherland at Foreword Reviews:

“Tuscany and Provence—does anywhere else on earth deserve equal standing alongside those two glorious places? Beautiful, of course, but also fertile, temperate, and richly cultured with longstanding traditions in agriculture, cuisine, wine making, architecture, and art.

Truth be told, when you take into account Provence’s seaside Côte d’Azur, navigable Rhône River, enigmatic mountains, Greek and Roman history, and ancient trade-route positioning (both land and sea), its allures and intrigues far exceed Tuscany.

Windows on Provence: Musings on the Food, Wine, and Culture of the South of France places us in the capable hands of Georgeanne Brennan—James Beard award winner, cookbook author, culinary journalist, and Provence homeowner. Alongside high-quality photographs, Brennan’s essays explore legendary cities like Nice, Arles, Marseille, and Aix-en-Provence, as well as ancient ruins, markets, wineries, lavender fields, and restaurants. Also, look for classic fish soup, chicken, and lamb recipes, as well as Artichoke and Fava Bean Barigoule. Brennan’s goal is to help the Provençal traveler get their fill: food, wine, culture, what have you.”

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