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Following author Melanie Salvatore-August’s whirlwind Vancouver and NYC visits, we’re seeing an explosion of support for Fierce Kindness online! Check out recent reviews of Fierce Kindness below (and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest scoop).

We’re big fans of‘s fabulous blog for women in their twenties, so we were thrilled when founder Nicole Booz agreed to review Fierce Kindness for her readers. Nicole’s thoughtful engagement with the book and insightful interview with Melanie Salvatore-August makes this post even more of a treat. Read it here.

“If you choose to devour the book in one sitting, the five chapters and 99 pages will fly by. But the book can (and should) be used in other ways as well. Melanie recommends picking it up when you need it or opening to a random page and reflecting. How you use it is completely up to you.”

Nicole Booz,

If you’re looking for more wisdom from Fierce Kindness author Melanie Salvatore-August, look no further than this soulful story posted by ISHTA Yoga’s blog. ISHTA Yoga hosted Melanie for a fabulous yoga class and book signing on June 1st to benefit Exhale to Inhale, and invited her to write a blog post building on the guidance in Fierce Kindness. Melanie’s story of struggling to trust the universe during a stressful time is sure to resonate if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or unsure. Read here.

“Resigned to my tomato-less fate and contented anyway, I went to poke around the garden boxes which were in deep need of weeding after the wet winter, as at least I could seed some arugula.”

Melanie Salvatore-August for the ISHTA Yoga blog

Finally, we’re proud to announce that Fierce Kindness is the first book in Yogi Approved’s “6 Soulful Books on our Summer Reading List”! Yoga blogger Katie Ness was kind enough to recommend Fierce Kindness to Yogi Approved’s readers, and to write a short, glowing review which you can read here.

The beautiful design makes this book user-friendly, accessible, and engaging. With bold colors, pretty typography and cute illustrations, this pocket-sized gem is robust with a big heart.

Katie Ness, Yogi Approved

What’s your favorite part of Fierce Kindness?

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