fierce kindness featured at bad yogi blog

More praise for Fierce Kindness! Find it listed on Bad Yogi Blog’s “Four Books by Inspiring Yoga Teachers,” alongside works by Kathryn Budig, Rachel Brathen, and Elena Brower. Blogger Katie Ness writes:

Fierce Kindness is exceedingly refreshing and exuberant, it reminds us of our power of choice,  that we are in charge of how we engage in every day life scenarios and Melanie teaches us little tips on how to be mindful and kind towards ourselves and those around us. Its pages are filled with deliciously, empowering affirmations  for you to devour with zeal; motivating you to be proactive.  Within the pages, Melanie suggests the reader to doodle and make notes as it encourages the individual to take action rather than passively read the content. This is a gorgeous book and the design is sumptuous, with lovely yet simple illustrations dotted throughout, complimented by charming typography thus making it a feast for the eyes and fits beautifully in your hands.

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