yellow pear book club: dream house

Catherine Armsden's novel Dream House begins with a storm, and if you're curling up in front of the fire with your own copy, you might as well get some friends together to talk through the book over hot chocolate this wet winter. Here are some questions to get the conversation going while the wind …

power down: what to read instead of watching netflix in 2017

Is watching less TV at the top of your list of New Year's resolutions? Was it on the list last year, too? And the year before? Quitting your binge-watching habit can be brutally hard, especially given how much terrific storytelling happens on the tube these days. But with study after study …

Catarina's Ring

yellow pear book club: catarina’s ring

Planning a book club reading of Lisa McGuinness's novel of love and discovery across generations, Catarina's Ring? Here are some discussion questions to get you going. Don't forget the wine and snacks—and watch this space for Catarina's Ring-inspired recipes to make your next book club meeting …